Allen Davis Wood
Lidded Urn
Black walnut, oak, cherry, maple, bloodwood, osage orange,
holly, purpleheart
10″ x 16″, $800

Purpleheart, maple, osage orange, black walnut, cherry
14″ x 6″, $399

Vessel Sink
Iroka, maple strips
17″ x 6″, $700

Allen Davis

Polychromatic Segmented Wood Turning

Winchester Woodworks
168 Foothill Lane
Waynesville, NC 28786

828 421-2693

Allen Davis creates artful one-of-a-kind items from native and exotic hardwoods; most woods used are recycled. Everything made is functional, combining the best of both art and utility. Finishes are food safe, to be washed with soap and water.

His newest product answers a challenge from an interior designer: Can you do vessel sinks for guest baths or powder rooms? The beautiful results are guranteed to be waterproof.

See the work in these galleries:
New Morning Gallery • Asheville, NC
Allanstand Crafts at the Folk Art Center • Asheville, NC
Bennett Galleries • Knoxville, TN
Wooden Stone • Davidson, NC
Hawthorne Gallery • Winston-Salem, NC

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