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Joanne DeLomba
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Joanne DeLomba A short bio on a long life.

I knew I wanted to be an artist since the day I was born. As a child I honed my artistic skills and as an art student I concentrated on creating works that tells a story. As a product of the Baby-Boomer generation, I found myself surrounded by iconic images of the times. Recognizing all my favorite themes in the visual vocabulary of the popular culture, I jumped head-first into that world!

For over 25 years I operated my successful wholesale ceramics studio, creating hand painted Art-Pottery while raising my small family, doing laundry and feeding the dog! My ceramics were collected worldwide and over time I developed a signature style both traditional and contemporary.

In the late 1990s, Digital Art had become a recognizable influence in the mainstream art world. Studying the new avant-garde art form, I began manipulating images to create magical scenarios with a timeless quality. I draw my influences from vintage advertising art, antique tintype photography and the surrealist art movement. In the beginning I hand-printed transfers for decoration on my pottery, but I wanted a more diverse canvas.

I first introduced my Story Prints as whimsical allegories with familiar themes. Subjects like courage, wisdom and the longing to fit in are all grist for the mill.
Combining ancient imagery with a contemporary surrealistic palette lends the composition an otherworldly quality that is both modern and vintage. I print on Metallic Pearlescent Archival paper to give it that antique, tintype feel. The medium perfectly mirrors the emotional tone of the image!

As a traditionally trained artist I find this new art form to be limitless in possibilities. By combining the digital tools with my conventional water color renderings, it bridges the disconnect between the art world and the tech world. I think it also dissolves the boundaries between the artist and their audience.

I began to exhibit, and in 2016 I was honored to have a solo show at the Dryden Gallery, Providence, RI. I was also invited to The Barrett Gallery show FUNHOUSE: Art of the Surreal. I participated in The 2016 Las Vegas International Juried Art Competition, where my print All Work and No Play received first prize. In 2017 I was accepted to the Women in Art Competition at Las Laguna Gallery in California.

This year I won a first prize from the Open Art Miami International Contemporary Art Competition and my work has been featured at Art Basel in Miami.

I also have been lucky to be the Featured Artist on as well as on in Great Britain.

Paradise City Northampton, May, 2023 Booth: 425
Paradise City Northampton, October, 2022 Booth: 425

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Joanne DeLomba Surrealist Digital Artist Extraordinaire focuses on womens movement.

Joanne DeLomba Surrealist Digital Artist Extraordinaire focuses on women’s movement

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