James Kitchen Sculpture
Polyphonic Paradigm
Welded metal

Quantum Physics
Welded metal
30″, $1800

Flight of Fancy
Welded metal
30″, $1800

James Kitchen

Sculpture from Found Materials

PO Box 269
Chesterfield, MA 01012

413 296-0389
email: james@jameskitchen.com

James Kitchen has been welding scrap metal for several years, and continues to gain recognition in the world of fine arts, selling to an ever widening circle of collectors nationwide. All of the metal in his sculptures comes from local farms, antique stores, auctions, and occasionally a neighbor who leaves a pile of interesting objects in Kitchen’s driveway.

Kitchen has a powerful sense of creativity and a nonstop passionate drive, which turns those piles into incredible works of art. He uses nature to mature and nurture his sculptures into the finest rust patina and does little else to alter the metal. ‘I feel part historian and part archeologist, creating new life, he says. In my heart I feel this is my calling in life… everything I have done leads up to this.”

Paradise City Northampton, May, 2023 Booth: 100
Paradise City Northampton, October, 2022 Booth: 100

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Michelson Galleries (rmichelson.com) • Northampton, MA
L’Attitude Gallery • Boston, MA

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