What’s Cooking? Birdwatching!

Dozens of artists and makers on the Marketplace incorporate bird imagery into their work. For some it’s a central theme – for others, a creative sidetrack. For instance, we love the humor and sophistication of Lisa and Scott Cylinder’s bird brooches. Ellie Wyeth’s floorcloths are practically an encyclopedia of birds, from roosters, robins and ravens to white egrets by the shore. Holly Wach’s watercolors of everything from tiny songbirds to majestic birds of prey are light and painterly; Joe Oliverio’s color photography depicts wild birds in their natural habitat. And did you know that Piper Foreso has just introduced some charming new bird feeders?

Let your imagination soar with the birds as you browse this special selection from our themed “Bird Marketplace”. Use your screen instead of binoculars to be a “Birdwatcher of Paradise”.

Featured Artists