Hold Everything!

We’re contemplating containers. Yes, it’s something we all take for granted – that you’ll have a place to put your “stuff”. That place can be a cannister in your kitchen, a sideboard in your dining room, a purse, backpack or wallet to carry your essential “stuff” around with you. It can even be a Jewish Mezuzah with a prayer inside or a leather journal to fill with adventures.

Eons ago, our ancestors cupped their hands to hold water, then learned to hollow out stones for that purpose. Over time, containers evolved in sophistication and functionality. Today we look for practicality, but we also desire beauty. When it comes from the hands of an artist, a simple container can surprise you. Imagine a perfectly thrown stoneware vessel, and when you lift the lid – voilà! The glaze inside explodes with color. Open up a sculptural cabinet and you’ll find precise dovetailed drawers, hand carved handles and exotic wood interiors. There is a special sense of mystery in objects with lids or hidden compartments.

We can’t possibly hold all of our belongings in our cupped hands. In the special collection Hold Everything! you’re sure to find creative solutions to the age-old issue of keeping and storing precious possessions, everyday items, and even water.

clockwise: Tom Dahlke; Constance Talbot; Scott Sober; David Barclay; Seymour Mondshein

A piece of furniture rich with visual humor, this storage box for fly fishing gear by Tom Dahlke is based on the National Park Service’s Cunningham Cabin in Jackson Hole, WY. David Barclay uses a lathe to turn cherry or walnut into small round jewelry boxes with interior storage and room for up to 72 pairs of earrings.  Constance Talbot uses her consummate skills at the potter’s wheel to create pitchers, vases and covered jars. Scott Sober’s “Anything Cabinet” has a drawer and cabinet storage for anything you can think of. And most women look for a handbag that fits wallet, cell phone, hairbrush, glasses, keys, makeup, pens… maybe even the kitchen sink. You can do that in style with an all-purpose tote bag by Seymour Mondshein.

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