Cool Places, Outdoor Spaces!

Will anyone ever look at water lilies the same way again after seeing a Monet? Seeing the world through an artist’s eye can change your perspective. You’ll notice astonishing details in familiar places that may have slipped right past you. A painter or photographer transports you to Italy, Antarctica, the Far East, or a New England beach. Perhaps the view of a simple country road from your car window is suddenly transformed into a complex composition of shapes, color, perspective, and movement – who knew!

Throw open the windows, breathe the fresh air, and walk out the door. This Special Collection of artists will show you the way.!

clockwise: William McCarthy; Ted Tatarzyn; E. Kelly O’Neal; Kathleen Buchanan; Deborah Loeb Bohren on location in Morocco; Peiliang Jin

Deborah Loeb Bohren is an avowed globetrotter, and her photographs capture moments in time from Paris, Cuba, Namibia, Nova Scotia, and iconic images celebrating the breadth of Americana. You’ve never comprehended skies and meadows until you’ve seen the atmospheric landscape paintings of William McCarthy. If you can imagine wicker rockers on an island porch overlooking an expansive view of the sea, it’s just a short step to visualizing a Jack Standish egg tempera or watercolor on your living room wall. E. Kelly O’Neal (the cover artist for the Spring Paradise City Guide) deliberately abstracts her landscape, seascape, and sky photographs by “panning, wiggling, turning, and swooshing the camera during exposure”. It’s their world, and they warmly welcome you to enter it.

Featured Artists