Wrap It Up!

Everyone loves a gift, and it’s just as much fun hunting down the perfect present as it is to receive it. A great “gift match” is so satisfying. It can be something you know they need – or an amazing find they don’t even know is their heart’s desire until they receive it. This Marketplace Special Collection contains gifts that covers a wide range of occasion, from weddings and graduations to birthdays, baby showers, and even just a “thank you for being my friend” token.

Irene Miller, Francis St Germain and Maya Machin

Is there a new baby in the family? Barbara Goldstein’s truly adorable Dancing Foxes Dress and Baby Bunny Romper are, as she says, “clothes for kids to live in”. Your graduating nephew may be signing his yearbook on Instagram, but he’ll be totally impressed when he receives a handcrafted ballpoint pen by Francis St Germain. A maple cribbage board by Stephen Strout, inlaid with mahogany, zebrawood or wenge, comes with its own set of cards and would be great for Father’s Day.

That friend who has been bringing you groceries or flowers from her garden would love a delicate velvet scarf by Sherit Levin or the colorful, modernist jewelry of Rebecca Lockhart. And Maya Machin says, “If you are a bride or groom, consider including my pottery in your gift registry. I’ll help you choose the pieces and glazes and your friends and family will be able to order the pots online using a customized web page that I design for your registry.”

Browse this Marketplace Special Collection and you’ll find amazing gifts!

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