Scott J. Morgan Painting
Soul Bridge’
oil on canvas
60″ x 48″, $4000

River of Sun’
oil on canvas
48″ x 48″, $3200

On The Road Again’
acrylic on guitar

Scott J. Morgan

Abstract Painting on Canvas & Guitars

33 Bridge St
Bellows Falls, VT 05101

802 289-4347

The structural and sculptural qualities seen in his work and designs are informed by his extensive career as a landscape architect. His language is primarily abstract and the images and forms evolve the way a sculpture extracts the form from a chunk of clay. His ‘seascapes’ capture those fleeting moments of drama and beauty found in the intersection of water, land and sky.

Scott’s experiences as a professional musician are evident in the rhythm and movement in his paintings. Over the past few years he’s been able to combine his love for art and music in a very literal sense by painting guitars. While he’s done several commissions for musicians, the majority of the work is on unplayable, rehabbed guitars. He gives them a second life.

Scotts love of the ocean and music and their powerful influence on his work inspired the name of his art business and gallery. His work is represented on both coasts and is featured at his WaterMusicArt studio at Sherwin Art Glass in Bellows Falls, VT.

See the work in these galleries:
Davallia Fine Art • Chester, VT
Habitude Spa • Seattle, WA
Canal Street Art Gallery • Bellows Falls, VT

• Studio open to the public
• Custom orders and commissions accepted
• Credit cards accepted