Dennis Paul Peterson Furniture
Napa California Wine Tasting Table
Bookmatched Solid Walnut/Ebony + Goldleaf
30″ x 45″ x 15.5 ft

The “L” Accent Table w/ Matching Wall Cabinet
Bubinga/Stainless Stell + Glass
36″ x 24″ x 60″

The “Detail” Apple + Metal Table
Applewood, Slab Cut, Brushed Metal Base
30″ x 15″ x 56″

Dennis Paul Peterson
Stephanie Peterson


5009 County Road 33A
Saint Marys, OH 45885-9654

419 394-7305

Designing and building my own work, I receive inspiration from the beauty, grace and proportion of the craftsmanship in nature. The work made should reflect the soul of the maker. It’s “design soul” that is the key that brings everything together – without that the work is just another object. Does the piece you are making inspire? Does it stir the emotions? Does its strength instill confidence?

From the fitting of a mortice and tenon joint, to the assembly of a dovetailed case, or the hand carving of a special knob or pull, the craftmanship should be self evident. To touch, to feel, to enjoy the texture, emotion and fineness of each work is the goal. These are the qualities I am looking for when I build, and if they are present, then I have been successful in the making.

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