Arash Rahimi 2-D Mixed Media
Mixed Media

“A Road to Her Lips”
Mixed Media

“Soul of Life”
Mixed Media

Arash Rahimi

Mixed Media Wood Carving, Marquetry & Drawing

Bedford, MA 0

801 616-9828

As a self-taught artist, Arash first recognized his creative drive via charcoal pencil on his parents’ walls, like many inspired young artists. By 14, his capacity for detailed visual interpretation became undeniable. Learning became enjoyable from that point forward in his life, and he continued to develop his creativity by being interested in the wood-inlaying technique conceptually through his diligent studies.

“t was a hot summer, and my older brother had a special tutor who came home to teach him wood inlaying in person. As a child, he did not want me to learn it, so he locked the door while the tutor was teaching him, but I loved art, and nothing could stop me from wanting to do it. So, I looked through the peephole, put my ear on the door, and listened carefully to what the tutor told my brother. When my brother was not in his room, I went there and searched for wood scraps, broken blades, and some of his stuff in the trash bin and started to practice by myself every day,” Arash says.

Paradise City Marlborough, March, 2023 Booth: 309

• Studio open to the public
• Custom orders and commissions accepted
• Gift wrapping available
• Credit cards accepted