Sumiyo Toribe Painting
“Summer Woods”
30″ x 22″

“Winter Pond”
22″ x 30″

“Autumn Reflection”
22″ x 45″

Sumiyo Toribe

Watercolor, Sumi Ink and Oil Paintings

24 Singletary Rd
Millbury, MA 01527

774 276-1077

Sumiyo Toribes paintings on paper are a vibrant celebration of the natural landscape of New England.

Her technique resists straight classification; she combines watercolor with oil paint and Sumi ink, blends Eastern and Western artistic influences, and skillfully navigates abstracted landscapes with realistic elements. Artists favor Sumi ink, traditionally used for calligraphy and in Asian ink wash paintings, to capture the essence of an object without rendering it perfectly.

This incorporation effortlessly lends an Eastern element to Toribe’s works. While the branches and trunks of her trees pay homage to the calligraphic effects of Chinese ink wash paintings, her watercolors imbue a thoroughly modern aspect to her works.

With a rather light hand, Toribe is able to suggest a complex state of depth in her landscapes.

Paradise City Marlborough, March, 2023 Booth: 418
Paradise City Northampton, May, 2023 Booth: 504
Paradise City Marlborough, November, 2022 Booth: 424

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