Emily Williams Decorative Fiber
Our Lady of Brassica de Santa Fe Fabric collage with thread sketching

Paths of Least Resistance
Improv piecing with hand-quilting

Big Homegrown

Emily Williams

Art Quilts

Etheldora Fabric Arts
12 Cottage St
Newton Upper Falls, MA 02464

617 332-9330
email: emw@etheldora.com

I dont remember a time when I wasnt drawn to fiber and fabric. My mother and grandmother were gifted fiber artists sewing, knitting, rug hooking, weaving, needlework so maybe the interest is genetic? My current infatuation is art quilting. I love the tactile joy of fabric and thread play.

What is an art quilt? For me, as long as there are layers of fabrics, stitching, and I might like to hang it on the wall its an art quilt. Unless, its big and cozy for snuggling on the couch. Or manipulated into a 3-dimensional object. Or its not fabric but leather, or plastic, or recycled materials.

My work wanders from abstract improvisation to realism, but Im hopeful that the through-line remains color and a sense of fun.

Paradise City Marlborough, March, 2023 Booth: 434
Paradise City Northampton, May, 2023 Booth: 918

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